The Marine Station and Robertson Museum

The Marine Station and David Robertson Museum

A research and teaching institute with adjoining museum and aquarium.

The Marine Station houses a small public museum and aquarium, named in honour of David Robertson. The museum exhibits illustrate the history of marine science, features of the marine environment, local marine habitats and examples of current research at the Marine Station.

The Station also houses part of the Robertson Collection - a comprehensive collection of specimens of the fauna of the Clyde Sea-Area. The aquarium displays the beauty and diversity of living marine creatures from the Area.

Opening Hours
September - July
0900-1215 & 1400-1615
July - September

Adult: £2.00
Junior: £1.00
Senior Citizens: £2.00

Museum shop stocks UMBSM T-shirts and sweatshirts as well as a wide range of "marine" themed souvenirs."