Garrison House

Garrison House

Was fully restored to its former glory in 2008 and now boasts a state of the art library, the Museum of the Cumbraes, the Courtyard Cafe and rooms available for community use.

Serving home baking and light refreshments, the Courtyard Cafe is now proving a very popular addition to the Garrison. With its light & airy cafe area opening out to the courtyard on one side and the Museum on the other, it is also proving to be an attractive venue for weddings and other events.

Housed within Garrison House, the Museum of the Cumbraes provides a fascinating glimpse into Cumbrae's past. From 4,000 year-old stone coffins - or 'cists' - found on the Cumbraes, through stories of smuggling in the 18th century to life during the second world war and indeed life on the island today.

If you are a visitor, take a seat in the foyer and watch a short presentation to learn more about the attractions of the Island and then wander through the museum, browse the Library shelves or the Internet then relax in the Courtyard Cafe before venturing off to explore the Island.

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