The River Ayr Way, East Ayrshire

The River Ayr Way

Scotland's first source to sea path network. It covers a distance of 44 miles (66kms) starting at the River Ayr from its source at Glenbuck Loch to the sea at Ayr. The route passes through one of the most interesting river valleys in Southern Scotland and unlike many other long distance routes it can be walked over a weekend or a long weekend making it an ideal short break activity for visitors to Ayrshire.

The River Ayr Way has inspired Robert Burns and helped William Wallace hide from English troops. It has created a village and powered an industrial revolution.

This area of beautiful Ayrshire is rich in history. Find out more about some of Ayrshire's most famous worthies on this walk - William Wallace, Robert Burns, John Loudoun Macadam and Tibbie Pagan are just a few. Discover more of the rich industrial past of the area and the bloody Covenanting times.  

The River Ayr Way is also home to a huge variety of wildlife on this walk including kingfishers, otters, heron, hen harrier, merlin, badgers, roe deer and black grouse.  Have a look at our wildlife pages to find more is an excellent resource for those wishing to disover this beautiful stretch of East Ayrshire.

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