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Robert Strachan Photography

Eglinton CastleRobert  is lucky to live in a part of Scotland which is packed with beautiful scenery at each and every turn from great sunsets over the Isle of Arran to rolling landscapes and misty, still lochs.

Robert Strachan Photography has been capturing the beauty of the Ayrshire and Arran coast for the last 6 years.  The gallery of images here is only a small selection of his work.  A much larger gallery can be found at

 Why not check out Robert's interesting blog on his website. Here is an example of a recent entry -


'In my previous post I commented on how good it was to stay by the west coast and be able to nip out and capture a good looking sunset.  Sometimes you can also capture a good sunrise too.  What first made me get out to capture this shot was the lovely golden light hitting the Isle of Arran.  Unfortunately by the time I got into position, the best of the dawn light and golden glow on Arran was probably just about over.  This image did have some plus points though, the cloud formation was quite nice and there was still a bit of a glow to Arran.  Maybe not the lovely pink hues I saw on the way here but still good nonetheless'.

Visit Robert Strachan's website to browse prints and canvasses that can be purchased in various sizes from small 8x10 prints to canvases over 40 inches long.