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RGM Music

RGM 1.jpgYour one stop shop for ALL your music requirements, whether you are a serious pro or an entusiastic amateur. RGM carries thousands of lines of stock from all the major suppliers you can think of from AKG - Zoom as well as a few you might never have heard of!

Need saxophone or clarinet reeds? Got them!
Need bouzouki strings? Got them!
Need valve or slide oil? Got that, too!

In fact, there's not much RGM Music hasn't got or can't get for you. Whatever you are looking for, whether obscure or more mainstream, RGM Music is where you'll find it.

RGM Music has a reputation for providing first class after-sales support to their customers. Why not see for yourself? Pop in to the shop for a chat about your requirements with one of their friendly and knowledgable staff.